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Lloyd & Pep Manthorpe, Nov 1959
Lloyd "helping" Pep Manthorpe
work on Josephine (Nov 1959)


As a youth my Dad had been in the sea scouts and sailed in heavyweight Sharpies at the Whyalla Yacht Club. He'd sometimes go out sailing with Pep Manthorpe on his yacht Josephine. I grew up reading the books of Sir Francis Chichester and Joshua Slocum.

Thus in the early 1970s, it wasn't a surprise that Dad decided to build a Heron for us to sail in.

By the way, Dad still has the Heron, Jurra, parked in the driveway in Sydney. Of course, he'll never sell it. But maybe one day soon it will be made ship shape again, and his grandchildren will learn to sail in the boat he built and taught us to sail in. That would have a nice symmetry.

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Sailing Alone Around the World

Sailing Alone
Around the World

[ Joshua Slocum ]
ISBN: 0140437363


Gypsy Moth Circles the World

Gypsy Moth Circles the World
[ Sir Francis Chichester ]
International Marine Publishing
ISBN: 0071414282


The Lonely Sea and the Sky
[ Francis Chichester ]
ISBN: 1557782997


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