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Web Design

Since early 1996, I've been involved in the design and construction of a few web sites. It's been interesting to bring my experience in the design of print manuals, brochures, newsletters, advertising etc. to this new medium. And of course, web standards and technologies, browser capabilities and general trends, change on the web faster than anywhere else.

The following pages will give you an insight in to some of the web sites I've personally designed and built, listed in chronological order:

In November 1996, I was privileged to be chosen as a finalist in the Microsoft Activate the Internet Awards.

The web site design you see here (www.borrett.id.au) was selected by the Microsoft FrontPage team in January 2001 as one of the five outstanding personal web sites worldwide that they had seen built with Microsoft FrontPage 2000. As a result of this publicity, my web site traffic increased briefly to as many as 215,000 hits per day.

In the middle of October 2003, solving the Petals Around the Rose puzzle suddenly became a popular challenge for many Internet users and this web site has been extremely well used ever since. By October 2005, this web site was receiving 53,000 unique visitors and 3.1 million hits per month.

Tools of the Trade

Over the years I've used a wide range of tools when building web sites. Currently the software tools I'm using the most include:

  • Etomite Content Management System
  • Adobe PhotoShop CS2
  • Adobe ImageReady CS2
  • Adobe Illustrator CS2
  • HTML Tidy
  • NoteTab Light
  • Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
  • PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin

Photos are usually input via my Canon PowerShot S40 digital camera, or my Umax PowerLook II scanner (1200 x 600 dpi), using MagicScan 4.2 and binuscan PhotoPerfect Advanced 4.3.

I occasionally use other tools like: CorelDRAW 11; Adobe GoLive 4; Adobe ImageStyler 1; and Microsoft Visual InterDev 6. And I'm planning to have a good look at the Macromedia range of web design products soon.

Last modified: Wednesday, 16 January 2008


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