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Native Wildlife

It was great to have many native animals about the property at Raydon. Daily I would see members of the mob of kangaroos and wallabies that populated the area. Echidnas were often seen pottering about. Being a glider pilot, I got a special delight from watching the eagles and hawks soaring above.

Koala at RaydonOne day, while sitting in the kitchen with a group of friends at sunset, we spotted a koala in a nearby tree. Sightings were rare since, but great when they do happen.

I have read reports that frogs are a fast fading species, but there were plenty about "Raydon". One frog even discovered access to a plentiful insect food supply by waiting for the cool of night and then climbing 20 feet up a shed wall to take up position underneath an outside light!

I was interested in applying permaculture principles to the property. But I was even more interested in applying the wildlife conservation principles demonstrated by Dr John Wamsley at the various Earth Sanctuaries Ltd properties.

I was keen to create a vermin proof fence around most of the 33 hectare (95 acre) property that would keep out the cats, rabbits, foxes and other introduced animals that do so much damage to Australia's wildlife population. Such a fence would enable the creation of another small piece of Australia that is truly reserved as a native wildlife habitat and reintroduce to the area the many species that are no longer present. It would have taken time and a lot of money. But would have been worthwhile!

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