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Animal Companions

Dan & Jessie
Dan & Jessie,
"Raydon", April 1990

A love of animals has bought so many of these special friends into my life. Back in 1990, two puppies were selected from a large litter. There was the bright, playful, leader bitch which was given the name Jessie. And a steady, cautious, loner dog who was given the name Danny.

In late July some two years later, the dogs strayed one Sunday evening and were shot less than an hour later beside the road. But it was until the following Wednesday that a local council worker called to say that Jessie was dead and where I could recover her corpse from. Danny was finally found wounded and frightened on the following Friday. He'd spent the first two days beside Jessie's dead body. Danny recovered and a partner for him was found the next week at the Broadford pound.

Jude the Party Animal
Jude the "Party Animal"

Thus "Hey" Jude, the party animal, came to live at "Raydon". But Jude has a very independent nature, preferring to spend time outside with Polly rather than inside.

Danny on the other hand would always follows me everywhere, lying across my feet, under my desk, as I worked on this web site. Sadly one morning in June 2007 we found Danny had died of a heart attack overnight. RIP.

In March 2008 Jude's health started to go fast and to save her from pain and discomfort she was put down.

Lloyd, Danny & Jude at rest
Lloyd, Danny & Jude at rest

One Weird Sheep

Another animal friend formally around the place at Raydon was Polly, the sheep that came and stayed. She just wandered in one day in 1992, and that was that. Polly stayed constantly near the house, never going near the other sheep that wandered through the paddocks.

Polly in the ATV
Polly in Mick's VW ATV

Polly got special treatment at shearing time, typically just before Christmas each year. She would clamber into the back of Mick Gardiner's VW "All Terrain Vehicle" and be chauffeured to and from the shearing shed. Not for her being part of the muster like any normal sheep.

Polly camped down most nights on the back door mat. She would constantly try to come inside the house. Leave a door open briefly and you would suddenly have a sheep in the house! Almost all of the bottom panes of glass on the house doors and windows have had to be replaced with laminated glass as Polly was quite prepared to break through normal glass in order to get inside! 

Polly at the back door
Polly at the back door

Jude and Polly spent hours roaming around the place together, or simply sitting in the shade. Polly would even come to the door and call for Jude to be allowed out to play with her. This was one very different sheep!

Sadly, at an estimated age of 13 years, Polly began to fade fast. She stopped eating and drinking and soon became unable to get up and move about. Nothing could be done for her and she had to be put down. It was Australia Day 2003. RIP.

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