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Music & Film

Music and film has always been a strong interest throughout my life. I started buying 45 rpm singles and 33 rpm LP records at age 12. I tried unsuccessfully to learn to play the guitar properly during my teenage years. I began tinkering with the radios, stereo system etc. around the family home at an early age and put together a low-end Hi-Fi system during my teens.

During my 20s I worked part-time in a small 8-track Melbourne studio as a recording engineer. I'm not a regular movie theatre attendee, mostly seeing films via video tape, and these days via DVD.

AV System - Jan 2003
"Raydon" AV system (Jan 2003)

Today I have a reasonable collection of LPs, CDs and DVDs, which is growing at a steady rate. The CDs have been converted to a 45+ Gb set of MP3 format files. And now I'm looking at starting work on converting my LP records as well.

And before you even think of asking, none of my LPs, CDs or DVDs are for sale, and I won't make copies of them for anybody.

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