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I'd always wanted to have a place with a billiards room in which I could play snooker and pool, and even though it hadn't been a high priority when looking for digs, in April 2012 we moved into a house that had a pool room. The light fixtures were left in place, but sadly, not the billards table.

So with somewhere to put a billards table, the question was, "Which one to get?" After all, there are different "standard" table sizes for the games of snooker, billiards and pool, plus variations from country to country. And then the specifications for table height, cushions and pockets all vary as well. Most perplexing!

After consulting various web sites it was determined that I should be able to fit a three quarter billards table, i.e. a 9 ft by 4 ft 6 inch table, though an 8 ft by 4 ft table would probably be more practical. Anyway, I put the whole project onto the backburner, intending to seek out more information. Then in the lead up to Xmas 2012, we decided it was time to fill that gaping hole in the pool room at the far end of the house.

I ended up buying a table which was just two months old on eBay one night. It was delivered, installed and setup the next evening.

Brand: Sportivo Di Vinci — All Table Sports Australia
Model: Crown Classic
Size: 8 ft by 4 ft
Details: 1 piece slate, built-in graphite super fast response cushion, leather pockets, English Strachan 6811 directional nap cloth, 3 inch hard wood cushion face, hardwood construction and body, six 3.5 inch adjustable feet.

The table came with:
2 x John Parris Champion cues 10 oz,
2 x Pot Black Club cues,
2 x Sportivo graphite cues,
Set of pool balls,
Kelly Pool game,
Wall cue stand (with score board),
Table brush,
Chalk, and
Heavy duty table cover.

I added:
Set of Eddie Charlton Snooker Balls, 2-inch, 10 reds (17 balls),
Eddie Charlton 10 Ball Plastic Triangle 2 inch,
Eddie Charlton (Formula Australia) one piece "Junior" 36-inch cue with a 10 mm screw-on tip, and
Mitchell Club one piece clue 42-inch, with Ramin wood shaft, 4 point butt, 11 mm screw-on tip,
from billiards.com.au.

And then the fun began!

Last modified: Monday, 01 April 2013


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