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Denice Cummings' Web Site

On the evening of Friday 3rd March 2000, I decided to build a simple personal web site for my then partner Denice Cummings.

Design Philosophy

The idea was to come up with a quick and easy site to build and maintain. Nothing super fancy and detailed. Just a clean simple design using as many existing elements as possible.

Therefore I based this web site on the personal web site built by Nathan Shedroff from Vivid Studios, which I'd been very impressed by some months earlier. Nathan's site was simple, clean and elegant. An ideal role model.

The Tools

The following software tools were used to build Denice's web site:

  • Microsoft FrontPage 2000
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer v5.01
  • Microsoft Windows 98 and Plus!
  • Adobe PhotoShop for Windows v5.5
  • Adobe ImageReady v2
  • WS_FTP for Windows

Site Construction

I simply built a new set of key graphic elements using Adobe PhotoShop 5.5. Then it was time to fire up Microsoft FrontPage 2000, create the basic page structure, adapt and clean up some JavaScript, add in a few ideas of my own, and quickly adapt the cascading style sheet and some other elements from my own personal web site.

Thus by noon on Saturday 4th March, I had a functional basic web site, ready for Denice to add in her content at her own pace.

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Last modified: Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Denice Cummings' Web Site
Denice Cummings' Web Site
March 2000

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