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Over the years I have written numerous articles on computing for various publications. Here you can access some of those articles. Please enjoy...

Note: Each article opens in a new window — simply close the window to return to this index page.

PC Update

PC Update is the monthly magazine published by the Melbourne PC User Group. I started the group's initial self-titled magazine, plus edited and published it back in 1984.

Come On Let's Blog
(11.8 Mb, Microsoft PowerPoint file)
Melb PC Monthly Meeting, 6 October 2004
Blogs are the most exciting development in computing right now — a people's revolution that has rapidly grown from a trickle to a torrent. This presentation covers: What is a blog; Why blog; How you create a blog; What is RSS; and What are news aggregators.

Set Up Your Own Blog Using Blogger
(1,292 Kb, Adobe PDF file)
PC Update, August 2004
How to set up your own blog / home page on your Melb PC Internet Service using Blogger.

The Age

Y2K Is a Public Confidence Problem,
Not Just a Technology Problem

The Age, IT1 Platform, 28 April 1998

AVBUG Backup

AVBUG Backup was the magazine published by the Australian Visual Basic User Group.

Data Access Architectures for the Internet
AVBUG Backup, June/July 1997
Successful architectures and best practices for Intranet/Internet data access allow flexible designs and maintainable business solutions.

VBScript Version 2.0
AVBUG Backup, March 1997
VBScript is a key part of Microsoft's Active Platform strategy.

Microsoft Agent
AVBUG Backup, February 1997
ActiveX technology for interactive software agents.


Profiting from Postcode
Corporate Review, 1993

Desktop Mapping Combats Insurance Fraud
Postcode Boundary Case Studies, AUSLIG, 1993

Australian Personal Computer

RISC versus CISC
Australian Personal Computer, June 1991
A comparison of Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC) and Complex Instruction Set Computing (CISC).

The Future of BASIC
Australian Personal Computer, June 1991
BASIC has an interesting past, and a promising future.

Technical Cornucopia

Technical Cornucopia was a technical newsletter I edited and published for MicroHelp Computers and Communications.

Distributed Processing — Past, Present and Future
Technical Cornucopia, December 1990
Intelligent workstations, distributed processing and network computing will all be a part of your computing future.

Computer Virus Attacks Should Be Planned For
Technical Cornucopia, December 1990
Don't pretend that computer virus attacks won't happen to you. Be prepared.

Which Operating System Should You Purchase
— Is OS/2 Better Than Unix?

Technical Cornucopia, December 1990
Should you choose OS/2 or Unix as your operating system.

Which Operating System Should You Purchase
— Is OS/2 Presentation Manager Better Than DOS Windows?

Technical Cornucopia, September 1990
Should you choose DOS Windows or OS/2 Presentation Manager as your operating system.

Display Standards — Then and Now
Technical Cornucopia, September 1990
Selecting the visual interface that will allow you to see what your PC is doing.

Which CPU Should You Purchase
Technical Cornucopia, February 1990
With 80286, 80386, 80386SX and 80486 based systems available today, which should you choose.

IBM and Microsoft Set Future DOS And OS/2 Directions
Technical Cornucopia, February 1990
IBM and Microsoft reaffirm their commitment to provide a graphical user interface on all platforms.

Clean Reliable Power
Technical Cornucopia, August 1989
If you work around computers for long enough you learn to appreciate the damage that can be caused by power fluctuations.

Communicating Application Specification
Technical Cornucopia, May–June 1989
The DCA/Intel CAS specification opens up the door to new possibilities.

Memory As DOS Sees It
Technical Cornucopia, May–June 1989
Hardware and software solutions to DOS memory limitations.

IBM's Micro Channel Architecture
Technical Cornucopia, March–April 1989
Understanding IBM's micro channel architecture.

PC-DOS 4.0
Technical Cornucopia, January–February 1989
Some interesting new features, but I'll wait for PC-DOS 4.1.

Understanding EMS 4.0
Technical Cornucopia, January–February 1989
The industry unites behind a single expanded memory standard.

The Intel 80386 SX
Technical Cornucopia, January–February 1989
The real benefits of the Intel 80386 SX CPU.

Today's Computers

I was invited by editor David Koch to write a regular column for Today's Computers magazine. I also wrote a tips column "Wizard's Notebook", plus maintained the lists of user groups and bulletin boards.

Some Impressive Tips
Today's Computers, Wizard's Notebook, April 1986

CHKDSK, a Command That's Misunderstood
Today's Computers, Wizard's Notebook, November 1985

Megabyte Tarnish
Today's Computers, PC Australia, September 1985

Risky Business
Today's Computers, PC Australia, August 1985

Changing Prompts
Today's Computers, Wizard's Notebook, July 1985

The Risks of Going It Alone
Today's Computers, PC Australia, July 1985

1-2-3 Logo Zap
Today's Computers, Wizard's Notebook, June 1985

The AT Waiting Game
Today's Computers, PC Australia, May 1985

Backup or Perish
Today's Computers, PC Australia, April 1985

Bulletin Boards Booming
Today's Computers, March 1985

The Missing Network Link
Today's Computers, Opinion, March 1985
PC Network and the IBM PC-AT; IBM-Microsoft relationship; Topview and Xenix.

Your Computer

After having a few articles published about the IBM PC, I was invited by editor Les Bell to write a monthly "Your IBM Computer" column for Your Computer magazine.

Your IBM Computer, Feb-1985
Your Computer, February 1985
Data General/One; tape back-up for hard disks; the IBM PC-AT, first impressions.

Your IBM Computer, Jan-1985
Your Computer, January 1985
More bulletin boards; kitchen sink programs; absolute reference; public domain software; IBM portable PC (XT).

Your IBM Computer, Nov-1984
Your Computer, November 1984
To Symphony or not to Symphony; Australia's first IBM-PC BBS; public domain software; avoiding a hard disk disaster; and format without erasing.

Your IBM Computer, Jun-1984
Your Computer, June 1984
Levels of IBM-PC compatibility.

Your IBM Computer, May-1984
Your Computer, May 1984
dBase II, and backup procedures.

Your IBM Computer, Mar-1984
Your Computer, March 1984
Lotus 1-2-3 and DOS 2.0 directories; Epson/IBM printer ribbons; book reviews; and DOS hints.

Your IBM Computer, Feb-1984
Your Computer, February 1984
PC Blue Library software; Lotus 1-2-3 User Association; unprotecting Lotus 1-2-3; and diskette reliability.

Your IBM Computer, Jan-1984
Your Computer, January 1984
Systems software; applications software; educational software; getting an IBM-PC at a discount; installing diskette drives; warranty; IBM-PC user groups; public domain software; unprotecting Lotus 1-2-3; and Epson FX series printers.

Your IBM Computer, Nov-1983
Your Computer, Novemeber 1983
PC1 expansion units; an Australian XT alternative; PC1 or XT?; unprotecting BASIC programs; fighting against software protection; the user-supported software concept; and other free software for the PC.

Your IBM Computer, Sep-1983
Your Computer, September 1983
Lotus 1-2-3; DOS 2.0; piping input and output; multi-function boards; hardware and software prices; DOS 1.10 Diskcopy and Diskcomp Bugs; and potential printer problems.

The IBM-PC - Getting To Know You
Your Computer, June 1983
Information about the IBM-PC.

My First Computer Is An IBM
Your Computer, December 1982
Your Computer, Owner Report.

From time to time articles about my work activities have made it into the media. You can also read some of those news items from the past.

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