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While geographically apart at present, none the less my immediate family is very close, often using Internet chat and video conferencing to stay in touch with each other. Here you can read about my parents and siblings (below), or check out some of the members of my extended family on the Borrett and/or Williamson sides, including some family history.


My parents and I have always had a special relationship. They were always there for me. I'd like to think that much of whom I am today is simply a product of the great family environment they were instrumental in creating.

Dean and Marie Borrett
Dean and Marie Borrett
31 December 1999


Kym and Phyl My brother Kym "Stork" Borrett and his wife Phyllis Foundis are based in Sydney.

Both Kym and Phyllis do casual work at a couple of advertising agencies. They have been using London as a base for exploring the icons of Europe.

Kym played in the Australian National Basketball League for the Adelaide 36ers and he still stays fairly fit.

Early in 2003, Phyllis finished her first book, "The Virgin Club". Book readings have since evolved into a one woman show. For all of the details, please visit http://www.the-virgin-club.com.

Today they operate their own company, Starscribe Productions http://www.starscribe.com and raise their sons Dean and Max.

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