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Web Site Awards

Microsoft Activate the Internet
Awards 1996

Microsoft Activate the Internet Awards 
                    Finalist 1996

Expert Software Services was a
"Winners Circle" Finalist in the 
1996 Activate the Internet Contest.

The Activate the Internet Awards recognised excellence in ActiveX technology and web page design. The awards were sponsored by the Microsoft Site Builder Network which provided a wealth of technical information, products, technologies, services and support to assist web site designers incorporate the latest Internet technologies into their web sites.

In September 1996, as a part of the Expert Software Services web site, I developed an Internet version of the challenge "Petals Around the Rose" using VBScript and the Microsoft HTML Layout Control. This web page used VBScript to control the logic of the challenge, accept user input and display text results. The HTML Layout Control was used to display GIF images of the five dice.

The resulting web page was selected as one of the 50 finalists for Microsoft's 1996 Activate the Internet awards from more than two thousand entries. Naturally I was quite excited by this international recognition. Unfortunately I couldn't justify the cost of attending the award ceremony help in December 1996 in New York. But just to be included in such illustrious company felt like quite an achievement.

When I finally came back down to Earth, I created more versions of the "Petals Around the Rose" game which use the Microsoft Agent ActiveX control to provide a helpful Genie to help you with the game.

Recognition from the
Microsoft FrontPage Team

The second generation version of Lloyd Borrett's web site design (www.borrett.id.au) was selected by the Microsoft FrontPage team in January 2001 as one of the five outstanding personal web sites worldwide that they had seen built with Microsoft FrontPage 2000. As a result of this publicity, my web site traffic increased to as many as 215,000 hits per day, for a period of a few months.

Web Presence Developer for Microsoft FrontPageWeb Presence Developer

On the strength of Lloyd Borrett's work with Microsoft FrontPage, Oakton Computing became a registered Web Presence Developer for Microsoft FrontPage, the first company outside the US to be approved for this programme by Microsoft.

Oakton Web Site Award

In 2002, the Oakton web site, designed and built by Lloyd, won an award for the quality of the careers and recruitment section of the site.

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