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AVBUG Web Site

One weekend in the middle of March 1997 I designed and constructed a web site for the Australian Visual Basic User Group (AVBUG).

The design goals for the AVBUG web site were to be reasonably visually appealing, have a simple to maintain structure and page design, plus provide the information needed by the membership in an easy to access manner. Because many members were still using 14.4 and 28.8 modems, a key requirement was to make the site a low overhead one in terms of fancy graphics and frills.

This version of the web site went live on Monday 17th March 1997. It was hosted by OzEmail. Soon after going live we added a newsletters section to the web site and AVBUG began the publication of its newsletter online.

The main tools used to build the site were the then beta version of Microsoft FrontPage 97, plus Adobe PhotoShop 4. Keeping to the basic features available in Microsoft FrontPage 97 made it possible for the newsletter editor and others to maintain sections of the web site.

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AVBUG Web Site
AVBUG Web Site
March 1997

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