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1951 Triumph TR6 Thunderbird
1951 Triumph TR6 Thunderbird
Lloyd on Triumph TR6
Lloyd ready to head off to kindy
on the Trumpy. Come on Dad!
(circa 1960)

My first memories of motorcycles is my Dad riding his 1951 Triumph TR6 Thunderbird 650cc to work and the Rudge sidecar unit down in the back yard. Later I can also remember Dad taking me to kindy garden on the "Trumpy".

Eventually Dad couldn't afford to keep the Triumph running and it was parked in the back yard near the sand pit. I played on it a lot during my primary school years. The Rudge ended up being taken to the Whyalla tip!

My first motorcycle was a Suzuki 120 purchased for $60, very second-hand from the BHP Steelworks in Whyalla. I gained access to it the day I finished my last HSC examination in December, 1973. A quick clean up and going over saw it good enough to pass a roadworthy and get registered. 

Lloyd on Suzuki
Lloyd & Scamp on the Suzuki.
It'll Do & Jurra in the background
(December 1973)

But the Suzuki didn't run well. I had to carry three spark plugs wherever I went: one to get me there; one to get back; plus a spare. The spark plugs would quickly foul up and have to be cleaned. Nothing we tried to fix the problem worked very well.

Down a very steep hill, with a strong following wind, the Suzuki once clocked 85 kph! It seized one day early in 1974 and a complete strip down and rebuild was carried out. Thankfully Dad was making frequent trips to Indonesia at the time, where there was a good supply of spare parts for that particular model.

In 1974, I first got serious about restoring the 1951 Triumph TR6 Thunderbird 650cc motorcycle my father purchased in 1952. I ending up spending about $2,000 on bits, re-chroming etc. But I left home to spend a year in Tasmania before I finished the job and never got back to it. At the time I wasn't planning to do a full restoration, but now I think that would be the best thing to do. But this means I'll have to find a tank, headlight nacelle and instruments, exhaust system, etc. The real hard part will be getting my Dad to dig out all of the bits that are stored away in various nooks and crannies at his place in Sydney!

Lloyd & Kym on DT175
Lloyd & Kym Borrett heading off
to play basketball for Whyalla
on the Yamaha DT175 (1976)

In 1976 I purchased a Yamaha DT175 trail bike new. With my mates we'd head off for the day riding in the scrub around Whyalla. They all mostly had large old British bikes, which would make it a really tiring day for them. When I think back to some of the riding antics we got up to way out in the middle of nowhere, I now shudder.

1978 Honda CX-500
My 1978 Honda CX-500

Not long after moving to Melbourne in 1977, I decided the Yamaha DT175 wasn't really that suitable around the city. I purchased a new Honda CX-500 water-cooled, V twin, shaft drive road bike. A very big and heavy bike for its engine capacity, which was accentuated by the full fairing, twin Krauser panniers, tank bag and Hallmark back pack accessories I added. A great touring unit though.

Touring on the CX-500
Touring on the
1978 Honda CX-500

I made a few trips to Sydney on the Honda, and of course numerous trips to Waikerie to go gliding. The CX-500 would sit comfortably all day on 150 kph and I'd get off at the end of the day feeling just fine. Unfortunately the police didn't approve and I was booked many times. The things we do when we're young!

In 1990, after moving out of the city to my rural retreat at Glenaroua, the Honda was sold. I've since had a succession of dirt bikes on the place, but currently there's nothing. Must do something about that.

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