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Logbook Scuba Dive # 301 - Mornington Pier

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Logbook Scuba Dive # 301 - Mornington Pier
Date: Entry Time: Dive Time: Max. Depth:
Thu, 16-Dec-2010 21:01:00 37 minutes 8.8 metres
Dive Location: City / Island:
Mornington Pier Port Phillip Bay, VIC
Country: Dive Master:
Australia Shane Whiteside
Dive Shop: Dive Trip:
- -
Cheryl Lees, Shane Whiteside
Dive Details:
Entry: Boat Name:  
Shore -  
Start PG: Entry Time: Exit Time: End PG:
A 21:01:00 21:38:00 -
Altitude: Rep. Dive: Surface Interval:  
0 m No -  
Max. Depth:     Avg. Depth:
8.8 metres     6.34  m
  Dive Time: Deco. Dive:
  37 minutes No
Weather: Air Temp.: Water Temp.:  
Clear 19 °C 19 °C  
Water: Waves: Current:  
Salt No Waves No Current  
Visibility: Horizontal Vis.: Vertical Vis.:
Good Good - -  
Weight: Dive Suit: Dive Computer:
11 kg Wetsuit 7 mm Suunto HelO2
Equipment used on this dive:
Apeks XTX200 Regulator - Single Primary | Apeks XTX200 Regulator - Single Seconary | Apollo Bio-Fin Pro | Buddy Surface Marker Buoy SMBCi - Self Inflating | DUI Weight & Trim 2 Harness | Faber 15L Steel Cylinder | Halcyon Titanium Knife Sheath - Rec | Kent Tooling Ratchet Reel - 40 metres | Neptune Scorpion Gold 7mm SemiDry Wetsuit | Northern Diver KN14 Titanium Dive Knife - Rec | Northern Diver Superstretch 2mm Neoprene Gloves | Ocean Suits 3mm Hood | OMS Aluminium Backplate - Rec | OMS Dual Bladder, Banded Wing - Rec | OMS IQ Pack BC Harness | OMS Silicone Necklace Secondary - Rec | OMS Stainless Steel Single Cylinder Adaptor Plate | Performance Diver Multi Purpose Boots | Princeton Tec Aqua Strobe | Princeton Tec Shockwave LED Dive Light | Sonar Explorer Aqua Silicone Mask | Suunto CB-Two-In-Line Combo Console - 1 | Suunto HelO2 Dive Computer | Suunto SK-7 Compass Wrist - 2 | Suunto Transmitter - Rec | Suunto Vytec DS Dive Computer | Waterborne Safety Strap - Vytec
Cylinder Set #1
Cylinder Type: Cylinder Size: Working Pressure: Supply Type:
Steel Single Cylinder 15 litres 232 bar Open Circuit (OC) Open Circuit (OC)
O2: He: Min. PPO2: Max. PPO2:
21% - - 1.4 bar
Air Air MOD: EAD: END:
56.6 m 56.6 m -
Start Pressure: End Pressure: Diff. Pressure:  
212 bar 123 bar 89 bar  
Avg. Depth: SAC Rate:    
- -    

Avg. Depth: SAC Rate:    
6.34  m 22.08 litres/min    
Gas Mixture:
First night dive for Cheryl with instructor Shane Whiteside as the last dive required for Cheryl to complete her PADI Advanced Open Water course.

We organised to meet at Mornington Pier at 7:30 pm, but I was there at 7 pm. The place was a construction site! Works were in progress to totally refurbish the pier. A large middle section was gone with new steel piles in place awaiting the decking. Plus a number of barges and working boarts were crowding the inlet. So we were going to be seeing a dive site vastly different to the last time I'd dived it earlier in the year. Plus there would be no fishing lines to worry about as the fishos no longer had access to the pier.

The workmen still on site knockewd off at about 7:30 pm and I was able to get parking spots for us close to their site office and the inlet wall. Cheryl arrived soon after and we started to put our gear together. Later we were joined by Shane and Julie.

We took our time gearing up as it was going to be quite some time before it would be starting to get dark. Conditions were great with no wind and waves. We were going to have moonlight for Cheryl's first night dive. Eventually we took the long drop into the water, gathered ourselves, descended and headed out under one of the barges.

The visibility was about 2 metres. Shane led the way, with Cheryl in the middle and me bringing up the rear.

The underwater landscape was very different with the familiar landmarks and marine life no longer around. We made our way under the remains of the pier and out to the end. There we had a delightful encounter with a very large boarfish which came up and checked me out just a couple of centimetres from my mask.

We made our way back, surfaced just short of the barges and made our way back in on the surface. Julie queried a flashing light coming from the bottom where we'd entered the water. Sure enough it was my glow stick and strobe light, which Shane recovered.

The tide had come in and the ledge at the inlet was just under water. We took our gear off, put it on the ledge and passed it up the wall. Then climbed the wall, packed our gear and changed.

To cellebrate Cheryl completing her course we went over the the restaurant for coffee and deserts.

A very nice and truly enjoyable night. It was also Cheryl's first dive in calm conditions in Melbourne for a long, long time.


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