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phpDivingLog is a set of PHP programs which are used to display the scuba diving logbook data from Diving Log 5.0 online. For an example, please see https://www.borrett.id.au/divelog/

First, you purchase Diving Log 5.0 and use it to create and maintain your diving logbook.

Second, you install and configure phpDivingLog on your web server.

Third, the Diving Log 5.0 data is exported using that program's own MySQL Dump option. The data is then imported into a MySQL database on your web server.

The phpDivingLog PHP programs then enable your online users to look at your Diving Log 5.0 logbook via any web browser.

Downloads & Change History

Here you can learn how to access the latest version of phpDivingLog, plus download some of the earlier versions.

phpDiving Log 3.x for Diving Log 5.0

The introduction of Diving Log 5.0 saw many new logbook features added which phpDivingLog 1.x and 2.x simply didn't support. Eventually these features proved too tempting and users of phpDivingLog were asking for an updated version. In July 2011, I installed a development version of phpDivingLog 2.x, and began looking at creating phpDivingLog 3.x to support the new features.

Rob Lensen soon joined the phpDivingLog 3.x project. He also setup the project on GitHub at https://github.com/Infern1/phpDivinglog. The two of us have been slowly working on adding support for new Diving Log 5.0 features, plus general enhancements to phpDivingLog.

As of October 2011, phpDivingLog 3.x is still an alpha version. You can see my Diving Log 5.0 logbook being displayed in the latest live development implementation at https://www.borrett.id.au/divelog/.

phpDivingLog 1.x and 2.x for Diving Log 4.0

The development of phpDivingLog began when Diving Log 4.0 was the current version of the PC based logbook program. It was updated to support new features as Diving Log 4.0 was updated. By 2008, I was satisfied with the way phpDivingLog 1.x worked for me and stopped further development.

As phpDivingLog is an open source project, Rob Lensen was then able to take up the development role and he created phpDivingLog 2.x which you can find at https://rob.lensen.nu/phpdivinglog/ and on SourceForge at https://sourceforge.net/projects/phpdivinglog/. Further development of phpDivingLog 2.x effectively ceased in 2009.

File Release Format File size
phpDivingLog v1.9 2007-06-25 Zip 2.7 MB
Added in support for a configurable table prefix.
Added dive max depth table in Dive Statistics.
Added drift, deep, cave, wreck and photo dive details in Dive Statistics.
Added saltwater, freshwater and brackish dive details in Dive Statistics.
Added repetitive and deco dive details in Dive Statistics.
Added percentage values to shore, boat and night dives in Dive Statistics.
Fixed display of Total Bottom Time in Dive Statistics.
Fixed display of Rep Dive and Deco in Dive Log.
phpDivingLog v1.8 2006-08-25 Zip 2.7 MB
Changes to the dive profile graph:
- Added average depth to the dive profile chart.
- Added descent and work warnings to the dive profile chart.
- Better support for metric and imperial units in the dive profile chart.
- Provided a default dive profile chart option that displays
well when there is no background image.
Improved the readme.txt file to add extra details about installation and usage.
phpDivingLog v1.7 2006-08-21 Zip 2.7 MB
Changed to support length, pressure, weight, temperature and weight values being able to be displayed with imperial units of measurement.
Added support for displaying the certification scans in divestats.php.
Added divesummary.php to allow the display of some summary details on a standard .htm page.
Improved the handling of situations where there are no site, equipment etc. details.
Improved the display of more null values.
Cleaned up the HTML output.
Language file compare tool added.
Improved the readme.txt file to add extra details about installation and usage.
phpDivingLog v1.6 2006-08-04 Zip 2.7 MB
Sven Knoch released a minor update to Diving Log to fix a few bugs in the MySQL Dump export option - (https://www.divinglog.de)
phpDivingLog has been updated to make use of these fixes.
phpDivingLog 1.6 WILL NOT WORK without the updated version of Diving Log.
Dive entry time is now displayed.
Dive site latitude and longitude values are now properly formatted.
Added link to Google Maps for dive site if we have the latitude and longitude.
Fixed bug in phpDivingLog to display correct dive site country.
Fixed bug where a dive site might have no matching country or city.
Added additional checking of argument values to prevent potential security problem.
Improved the display of some null values.
Improved the readme.txt file to add extra details about installation and usage.
phpDivingLog v1.5 2006-07-26 Zip 2.7 MB
German language file added by Sven Knoch - (https://www.divinglog.de)
Improved support for other languages.
JpGraph config file includes/jpgraph/src/jpg-config.inc changed to have the values for a Linux system as the default. The files jpg-config-linux.inc and jpg-config-windows.inc are examples of this file that worked on those platforms.
Improved the readme.txt file to add extra details about installation and usage.
Changed divestats.php to include a link to this phpDivingLog page.
Cleaned up some code.
phpDivingLog v1.4 2006-07-13 Zip 2.7 MB
Danish language file added by Henrik Absalon - (https://www.absalon.org)
Added support for equipment listing. details and photos.
Added support for location maps.
Fixed links to dives at a given location.
Added in a partial workaround for coordinate format problems.
Now showing no dive entry time instead of the bad value that is passed by MySQL Dump.
Cleaned up some code.
phpDivingLog v1.3 2006-07-12 Zip 2.7 MB
Added support for dive pictures.
Added links to the other sections on each page.
Dive profile now shows depth scales for metres and feet.
Added link titles to links that didn't have them.
Moved CSS values into a CSS file.
Moved configuration values into a config file.
Moved language values into a languages file.
Cleaned up some code.
phpDivingLog v1.2 2006-07-09 Zip 2.6 MB
Added Diving Certifications.
Separated statistics into divestats.php.
Show program revisions on the statistics page.
Added Dive Sites as divesite.php.
phpDivingLog v1.1 2006-07-09 Zip 2.6 MB
Support for Diving Log 4.0.
Conversion to English.
Added in navigation links and extra details.
Original version 1.0 created by Olaf van Zandwijk
- https://enschede.vanzandwijk.net/diving/

To Do List

Some of the changes being considered for phpDivingLog 3.x include:

  • ability to display lots of additional values on the dive details, dive sites and dive equipment pages.
  • Add a temperature chart if the data is available. Also show the gas switches on the dive profile, plus add a chart to show the gas changes.
  • Better support for metric and imperial units in the dive profile chart.
  • Provide a default dive profile chart option that displays well when there is no background image.
  • Add average depth to the dive profile chart.
  • Add descent and work warnings to the dive profile chart.
  • Move the dive certification details out of the 'dive statistics' page and create a new 'user information' page.
  • Make the details displayed on the 'user information' page configurable.
  • Create a 'dive buddies' page, again making the details displayed configurable.
  • Add pages to display the shop, trip, country and city/island details.
  • Add back in support for RTF logbook comments.
  • Make displaying the depth units in the dive profile configurable (i.e. metric, imperial or both).
  • Support the user defined values for the logbook entries.
  • Show inactive equipment separately in the equipment list.
  • Show which equipment items are due for service.

If you have any suggestions for phpDivingLog, then please feel free to post them on the Diving Log forums, or email them to me using the email address below.

How You Can Help

If you can translate English into other languages, please feel free to create a new language file for phpDivingLog and contribute it back to the project.


My initial scuba dives were recorded on my partner's Uwatec Smart Pro dive computer. Then I purchased my own Suunto Vytec DS dive computer. So I was faced with the prospect of using the Suunto Dive Manger program going forward and not having the earlier dives in my digital logbook, or finding a different program to satisfy my needs.

So I started to look around for a program that would support me being able to bring all of my logged dives together in the one digital logbook on my Windows XP based computer. Plus I wanted to be able to have my dive logbook on my i-mate PDA2k Pocket PC, and also be able to dump the logbook data so that I could use it to create an online logbook.

I found the program Diving Log 4.0 by Sven Knoch, which has both a Windows XP and Pocket PC version. (See https://www.divinglog.de.) Diving Log 4.0 supports an extensive array of data import and export options, including the ability to create a MySQL dump file.

Olaf van Zandwijk (see https://enschede.vanzandwijk.net/diving/) kindly gave me the PHP code he had used to put his Diving Log database online using an earlier version of the Diving Log program.

And so began the journey towards the current version of phpDivingLog.


Many thanks to Olaf van Zandwijk, Sven Knock, Rob Lensen, Henrik Absalon and many others, who have all helped to get phpDivingLog into its current form.


Copyright © 2011 Lloyd Borrett and Rob Lensen
- https://www.borrett.id.au/
- https://rob.lensen.nu

Adapted from code by Olaf van Zandwijk
- https://enschede.vanzandwijk.net/diving/

For use with Diving Log by Sven Knoch
- https://www.divinglog.de

phpDivingLog is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

phpDivingLog is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

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phpDivinglog 3.x on GitHub
phpDivinglog 2.x on GitHub
phpDivingLog v1.9


Diving Log 5.0
JpGraph 1.20.4a
Lightbox JS v2.0


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