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Logbook Scuba Dive # 199 - J4 Submarine

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Logbook Scuba Dive # 199 - J4 Submarine
Date: Entry Time: Dive Time: Max. Depth:
Sun, 04-Jan-2009 12:35:00 33 minutes 26.5 metres
Dive Location: City / Island:
J4 Submarine The Heads, Bass Strait, VIC
Country: Dive Master:
Australia John Lawler
Dive Club: Dive Trip:
Victorian Sub-Aqua Group (VSAG) -
John Goulding
Dive Details:
Entry: Boat Name:  
Boat -  
Start PG: Entry Time: Exit Time: End PG:
A 12:35:00 13:08:00 -
Altitude: Rep. Dive: Surface Interval:  
0 m No -  
Max. Depth:     Avg. Depth:
26.5 metres     19.42  m
  Dive Time: Deco. Dive:
  33 minutes No
Weather: Air Temp.: Water Temp.:  
Clear 22 °C 16 °C  
Water: Waves: Current:  
Salt Small Waves Light Current  
Visibility: Horizontal Vis.: Vertical Vis.:
Good Good - -  
Weight: Dive Suit: Dive Computer:
13 kg Wetsuit 7 mm Suunto Vytec DS
Equipment used on this dive:
Apeks ATX100 Regulator | Apeks ATX40 Octopus | Apollo Bio-Fin Pro | Buddy Surface Marker Buoy | DUI Weight & Trim 2 Harness | Faber 15L Steel Cylinder | Neptune Scorpion Gold 7mm SemiDry Wetsuit | Northern Diver Mini Metal Wreck Reel | Northern Diver Superstretch 2mm Neoprene Gloves | Ocean Suits 3mm Hood | Oceanic Spinner Pointed Dive Knife | OMS Compact Quick Dump Weight Pockets | OMS Dual Bladder, Banded Wing - Rec | OMS IQ Pack BC Harness | OMS Stainless Steel Backplate | OMS Stainless Steel Single Cylinder Adaptor Plate | Performance Diver Multi Purpose Boots | Sonar Explorer Aqua Silicone Mask | Suunto CB-Two-In-Line Combo Console - 1 | Suunto SK-7 Compass Wrist - 1 | Suunto Transmitter - Rec | Suunto Vytec DS Dive Computer | Waterborne Safety Strap - Vytec
Cylinder Set #1
Cylinder Type: Cylinder Size: Working Pressure: Supply Type:
Steel Single Cylinder 15 litres 232 bar Open Circuit (OC) Open Circuit (OC)
O2: He: Min. PPO2: Max. PPO2:
21% - - 1.4 bar
Air Air MOD: EAD: END:
56.6 m 56.6 m -
Start Pressure: End Pressure: Diff. Pressure:  
244 bar 96 bar 148 bar  
Avg. Depth: SAC Rate:    
- -    

Avg. Depth: SAC Rate:    
19.42  m 22.86 litres/min    
Gas Mixture:
Divemaster: John Lawler, VSAG
Boat Name: John Goulding's boat

I headed off early, trying to avoid the holiday traffic, straight down tor Sorrento. Getting there early meant I could get a car park in the top parking area at the boat ramp. Other VSAGers started to arrive. We had plenty of time to get into our dive gear and move kit down to where the boats would pull in.

John Lawler showed up with his boat and was able to tell us who was in which boat. Alan Storen, Chris and myself were allocated to John Goulding's boat. Mich Jeackle showed up with his boat.

John Goulding showed up and we began to load our gear. Then it was a matter of queuing to get the boats in. Eventually we started out towards the heads.

Mick Jeacle's boat headed off to dive the J1 submarine. The other two boats headed for the J4 submarine. We found two boats fishing on the wreck and the guy in one fishing boat started to get upset as we pulled up and put a shot line down onto the wreck. He proceeed to get even more vocal and threatening, before eventually moving away.

Alan and Chris went in first from our boat. They found the shot line floating 2 metres off of the bottom and were unable to locate the wreck. So John Lawler adjusted his shot line arrangement and put it down onto the the wreck.

John Goulding and I headed down to the wreck. We found Bentia waiting with another diver at the end of the shot line which was positioned towards the stern on the port side.

John and i headed along the submarine past a large gathering of fish at the conning tower and to the area where the bow is broken off. We went into the bow so that John could see the torpedo tubes. Then we turned around and headed through the hull of the submarine.

Plenty of fish everywhere, good visibility and no surge made this about as good a dive as you get on the J4 submarine. We existed by one of the deck holes and headed towards the stern. Then we went back to the conning tower along the port side. I was looking for the shot line but didn't see it. We spent some time looking at the fish around the conning tower. Then we headed back towards the stern.

John deployed his SMB from the bottom and we started our ascent.

Back on the boat we told the other how good it had been and encouraged them to do a second dive on the wreck. Chris was suffering from sea sickness, but eventually overcame and headed down with Alan.

Once everyone was back aboard we headed back into the bay. We found two divers surfacing without an SMB deployed in the shipping channel having drifted away from the wall on a dive from a commercial dive boat. JL went over to the dive boat to let them know where the divers were.

With the extra time spent outside, slack water was nearly over so our boat decided to give it a miss. Some divers from JL's boat did a drift dive.

We headed back to Sorrento boat ramp and joined in the huge queue to get the boat out. Eventually we made it ashore and headed back to The Scuba Doctor to debrief.

Dive Profile for Dive # 199

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