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Dive Site - Quarantine Station Reef

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Dive Site - Quarantine Station Reef
Dive Location: City / Island:
Quarantine Station Reef Port Phillip Bay, VIC
Country: Rating: Max. Depth: Difficulty:
Australia 2 star 21 m Open Water
Aquatic Name: Water: Altitude:  
- Salt 0 m  
Latitude: Longitude:   Datum:
38° 17.881′ S 144° 35.871′ E Google Map WGS84
3 dives at this location:
47 | 51 | 299
Entry/Exit: Boat.

This site is located about 200 to 300 metres out in front of the old Quarantine Station on Point Nepean. This area is where quarantined ships were anchored from 1850 to about 1950. The site has 6 large anchors and is littered with old bottles, china plates, bowels, cups, clay jugs and the occasional 9 inch black powder gun shell. Some very good finds have been made in this area including intact plates from the White Star Line, P&O, Black Ball Packets, Pacific Steam Navigation Company, A.U.S.N.C and a full carving plate from the Albert Star.

This site can be shore or boat dived and can be dived on any tide or slack water. The best time is when the water is moving and drift diving is the most common way to find things and cover a large area without swimming too hard.

There is a light reef area, but mostly a sandy bottom. There is not a lot of life on the bottom, though at times there can be a lot of crabs, and stingray hide in the sand. The odd pod of Dolphins and the occasional Seal can be seen in this area.

Have been told there is a large sea anchor here somewhere, but haven't sighted it as yet. Have found what seemed to be the remains of a pylon, standing upright for about 2 metres from the sea bed with a sea horse in residence.

Average depth 8 metres with a max depth of 21 metres.

Location GPS coordinates from Dive Victoria. Accuracy unknown.
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