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Logbook Scuba Dive # 318 - Catch Bag Reef Drift

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Logbook Scuba Dive # 318 - Catch Bag Reef Drift
Date: Entry Time: Dive Time: Max. Depth:
Sun, 16-Jan-2011 13:22:00 53 minutes 14.6 metres
Dive Location: City / Island:
Catch Bag Reef Drift Port Phillip Bay, VIC
Country: Dive Master:
Australia Lloyd Borrett
Dive Club: Dive Trip:
Victorian Sub-Aqua Group (VSAG) -
Cheryl Lees
Dive Details:
Entry: Boat Name:  
Boat Miles Ahead  
Start PG: Entry Time: Exit Time: End PG:
- 13:22:00 14:15:00 -
Altitude: Rep. Dive: Surface Interval:  
0 m Yes 02:09  
Max. Depth:     Avg. Depth:
14.6 metres     8.85  m
  Dive Time: Deco. Dive:
  53 minutes No
Weather: Air Temp.: Water Temp.:  
Clear 22 °C 18 °C  
Water: Waves: Current:  
Salt No Waves Medium Current  
Visibility: Horizontal Vis.: Vertical Vis.:
Good Good - -  
Weight: Dive Suit: Dive Computer:
11 kg Wetsuit 7 mm Suunto HelO2
Equipment used on this dive:
Apeks XTX200 Regulator - Single Primary | Apeks XTX200 Regulator - Single Seconary | Apollo ATB Multi Purpose Boots | Apollo Bio-Fin Pro | Buddy Surface Marker Buoy SMBCi - Self Inflating | DUI Weight & Trim 2 Harness | Faber 12.2L Steel Cylinder | Halcyon Titanium Knife Sheath - Rec | Kent Tooling Ratchet Reel - 40 metres | Neptune Scorpion Gold 7mm SemiDry Wetsuit | Northern Diver KN14 Titanium Dive Knife - Rec | Northern Diver Superstretch 2mm Neoprene Gloves | Ocean Suits 3mm Hood | OMS Aluminium Backplate - Rec | OMS Dual Bladder, Banded Wing - Rec | OMS IQ Pack BC Harness | OMS Silicone Necklace Secondary - Rec | OMS Stainless Steel Single Cylinder Adaptor Plate | OMS VEGA K2 LED Flashlight | Sonar Explorer Black Silicone Mask - Primary | Suunto CB-Two-In-Line Combo Console - 1 | Suunto HelO2 Dive Computer | Suunto SK-7 Compass Wrist - 2 | Suunto Transmitter - Rec | Suunto Vytec DS Dive Computer | Waterborne Safety Strap - HelO2 | Waterborne Safety Strap - Vytec
Cylinder Set #1
Cylinder Type: Cylinder Size: Working Pressure: Supply Type:
Steel Single Cylinder 12 litres 232 bar Open Circuit (OC) Open Circuit (OC)
O2: He: Min. PPO2: Max. PPO2:
21% - - 1.4 bar
Air Air MOD: EAD: END:
56.6 m 56.6 m -
Start Pressure: End Pressure: Diff. Pressure:  
219 bar 58 bar 161 bar  
Avg. Depth: SAC Rate:    
- -    

Avg. Depth: SAC Rate:    
8.85  m 19.34 litres/min    
Gas Mixture:
Dive Captain: Lloyd Borrett, VSAG
Boat: "Miles Ahead", John Lawler's 6.5m Haynes Signature, 175HP, Sorrento

JL was interested in starting his drift dive near a mark for a reef he had in his Garmin GPS. So we deployed a buoy line and JL and Denise geared up as I moved the dive boat to the dive site. JL and Denise rolled in and began their dive. Cheryl and I got our gear ready for the second dive and ate our lunch.

Eventually JL and Denise surfaced reporting reasonable viz but weak current. Everyone on Peter Briggs' boat had finished their dives so they headed back to Sorrento.

JL moved the boat to a deeper starting point and Cheryl and I rolled in. The current was reasonably strong, which was quite nice for a change. However it slowed quite a bit as we got into shallower water later in the dive.

Saw some very big fish. Problem is I'm lousy at fish ID, so I've got no idea as to what they were. Came across a few medium sized stingrays that were happy to stay put even though I tried to get them to move along.

Once our dive was over and JL had picked us up, we got on the radio to see what the others were up to. David Geekie was on his way back to Queenscliff from outside. Dave Kelly and crew were still outside finishing dives.

We headed back to Sorrento, retrieved the boat and unloaded gear. Cheryl headed off to the cricket and I loaded the car and started to change. It's often the case that while you're half way out of your dive gear and into your street clothes that someone comes along and wants to chat about diving, and it happened again. (Or is it only me that attracts such people?)

Well it happened again. During the conversation I was asked, "What's your favourite dive site?"

It's a question I always struggle to answer. There are just so many favourites, for so many different reasons. So I decided to give an answer that reflects this. "The next one," I replied. Thankfully they liked the response and laughed.

No matter how many different places I dive, and how many times I dive, it's always the anticipation of the next dive site and dive experience that excites me the most. May it forever remain thus.

I headed back to The Scuba Doctor for air fills and a chat. JL and the others soon departed, but I decided I wait around for Dave Kelly and his crew to appear.

It was not until very late that they arrived. Dave's motor had developed problems and he had to be towed back to Sorrento from outside. Shit happens!

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