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Dive Equipment - Apollo ATB Multi Purpose Boots

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Dive Equipment - Apollo ATB Multi Purpose Boots
Product: Manufacturer:
Apollo ATB Multi Purpose Boots Apollo
Dive Shop: Purchase Date: Price:
The Scuba Doctor, Rye Fri, 17-Dec-2010 -
Serial Number: Warranty: Active:
- 1 year Still in service Still in service
Last Service Date: Next Service Date: Next O2 Service: Weight:
- - - -
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Apollo ATB Multi Purpose Boots
Size XXL, 11-11.5

3mm neoprene stretchy sock design contours to all shapes and sizes . Lace-up overshoe provides firm ankle and foot support, and reduces accummulation of water in boot. Reinforced toe cap. Extra heavy non-slip sole is ideal for "rock hops".

Ordered these as Performance Diver Multi Purpose Boots to replace my ageing extisting pair, but what arrived looked the same but were branded as Apollo ATB. Go figure!
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