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Dive Site - Portsea Pier

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Dive Site - Portsea Pier
Dive Location: City / Island:
Portsea Pier Port Phillip Bay, VIC
Country: Rating: Max. Depth: Difficulty:
Australia 2 star 7 m Open Water
Aquatic Name: Water: Altitude:  
- Salt 0 m  
Latitude: Longitude:   Datum:
38° 19.107′ S 144° 42.803′ E Google Map WGS84
5 dives at this location:
5 | 76 | 112 | 275 | 285
Entry/Exit: Best from Shore as there is a reef in the shallows on the left hand side to look at on the swim out. There is also a landing to jump off half way out, and another at the end.

Portsea Pier in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria is a popular location for dive schools, macro photographers, night divers, or anyone who just wants a shallow, relaxing dive. It is L shaped and is approx 300 metres (985 feet) in length.

Under the pier there is plenty of light as the pier is only about 4 metres (13 feet) wide, with a bottom consisting of mostly sand and patches of kelp and grasses. At the very end of the pier, a large area of kelp can be found, it is here you can quite often find the elusive weedy sea dragon. But beware of departing and arriving boats, as this is a public pier and the Portsea Ferry arrives regularly.

There is not a lot of growth on the legs of the pier. This is not a dive to be rushed, typical dives here can last well over an hour, so take your time and have a good look around.

If you are doing this dive at night, watch out for Squid jig fisherman, and stay under the pier itself away from their lines. Speaking of fisherman, because it is such a popular spot to fish, you will find plenty of lead, sinkers, knives, jigs and other bits and pieces easily.

This is not just a dive for the novice, divers of any level can enjoy this dive. With 2 dive shops within a few minutes walk, it makes it a great dive site.

The pier is self navigable by the pylons. There are banjo sharks, weedy sea dragons, puffer fish (as always) biscuit star fish, soft corals and sponges. And for those who like to scavenge there is few old tyres the left of the pier once you hit the parallel shore part of the pier. Many creatures have been found in those old tyres and old bottles to collect.

There are many scuba divers, me included, that think Portsea Pier has been somewhat ruined as a dive site by the Port Phillip Bay deepening programme carried out by the Port of Melbourne in 2009. Since the dredging, the swells at Portsea Pier are more frequent and more intense. Indeed, the once lovely Portsea Beach has now been totally destroyed.

Parking: Free parking after 6 pm at Portsea Pier around 50 metres from the pier with good street lights over your car. During the day and summer the car parks are hard to get with most being 1-2 hour limited.

Location GPS coordinates from Google Earth. Approximate location only.

Google Map of Portsea Pier
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The Scuba Doctor Dive Shop

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