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Williamson Family & History

My mother's maiden name is Marie Williamson. In August 2003 for my mother's 70th birthday, my sister organised to gather as many of the Williamson clan together as possible in Adelaide for a much overdue celebration luncheon.

All nine surviving children of my maternal grandparent's were able to be there.

The famous nine, Aug 2003
(L to R) Front: Denise Ferguson, Marie Borrett, Joyce Naylor
Middle: Erwin Williamson, Lloyd Williamson, Graham Williamson
Rear: John Williamson, Brian Williamson, Barry Williamson,
North Adelaide, August 2003

Also present were many of my cousins from the Williamson side of the family, together with their children. I can't recall there ever before having been such a large Williamson family gathering.

Many of mum's friends from all of the country made the trip to Adelaide as well. My brother Kym flew back from London for the event, and yet another of his magnificent family video productions was a highlight of the afternoon proceedings.

The Williamson Clan, Aug 2003
Borretts, Williamsons and friends gather to celebrate,
North Adelaide, August 2003
   Marie & Dawn
Marie and Dawn

My mother was the second of the four girls in her family. Her older sister Dawn Robertson died some years ago, survived by her husband John and son Robert. Dawn's eldest daughter had died as the result of a car accident some many years earlier. There is no doubt that Aunty Dawn was a true character, deeply loved by all that knew her.

Williamson Family History

   Kathleen and Lyall Williamson
Kathleen and Lyall Williamson,
Whyalla, 8 October 1955

My maternal grandparents were Edward Lyall Williamson, born in Portland, South Australia on 15-Aug-1898 and Kathleen Margaret Gayler, born in South Yarra, Victoria on 13-Mar-1900.

They had eleven children:

  1. Jean,
  2. Brian,
  3. Dawn,
  4. Lloyd,
  5. Erwin,
  6. Marie,
  7. Graham,
  8. Denise,
  9. Joyce,
  10. John, and
  11. Barry.
The Williamson Clan, Aug 1953
The Williamsons at Marie and Dean Borrett's Wedding,
 (L to R) Rear: Marie and Dean Borrett; Dawn and John Robertson; Lloyd, Lyall, Graham, Kathleen, Erwin, Colleen, Brian, Joyce and Denise Williamson.
Front: Barry and John Williamson.
Whyalla, 8 October 1955

Counting up both the Williamson and Borrett sides of my family, I think I have 38 cousins.

Williamson Family Genealogy

My cousin Wayne Williamson has gone to much trouble to trace the family genealogy. Anyone interested should ask, and I'll try and put you in contact with him.

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