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Power & Energy

Lister ST1 Diesel Generator
Lister ST-1 generator

Diesel Generator

Not being connected to the electricity grid, my home electricity requirements were produced by a diesel generator. In this case it was a Markon LC28B (1500 rpm, 5 KVA, 250V 20A, AC) self regulating alternator driven by a Lister ST-1 single cylinder, 10 h.p. diesel engine.

The generator powered a wide range of domestic appliances, computers, home theatre setup, plus other high tech equipment without any problems.


Mick Gardiner and I shared a portable/backup generator, for use when either of us need electricity to work at a point on our properties too far away from the house. It was a Robin EY40D (10 h.p., 388 cc) petrol motor driving a Mecc Alte Spa TX480374 alternator (3000 rpm, 6 KVA, 240V 25A, AC).

Solar Power

There was also a small 12 volt DC solar power system with:

  • two Apex Deep Cycle T-105 220 AH, 6 volt DC batteries;
  • an Interacter I/C Series, 12 volt, 25 amp, microprocessor controlled, fully automated battery charger;
  • a BP Solar BP280, 80 watt, high power solar module; and
  • a CSA Piccolo 12 volt, 150 watt sine wave inverter.

This solar system was used to power four 15 watt, 12 volt DC compact fluorescent lights, a UHF CB radio and a Panasonic KX-FC175 plain paper fax, answering machine and wireless telephone.

This solar system means that the main generator was rarely used in the morning. During winter, morning lighting is provided by the 12 volt system. The main generator was typically only used when electricity is needed when I come home from work at night, or if working from home during the day.

Other Energy Sources

LP gas was used for the hot water, fridge and cooking.

A wood combustion heater was used for heating in winter.

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