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Dive Equipment - Suunto Transmitter - Tech

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Dive Equipment - Suunto Transmitter - Tech
Product: Manufacturer:
Suunto Transmitter - Tech Suunto
Dive Shop: Purchase Date: Price:
scubastore.com, Spain Mon, 03-Dec-2007 $557.32
Serial Number: Warranty: Active:
- 1 year Still in service Still in service
Last Service Date: Next Service Date: Next O2 Service: Weight:
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Suunto Transmitter - Tech
Suunto Wireless Air Pressure Transmitter for Suunto Vytec DS dive computer. Attaches to the HP port on the first stage of the regulator.

The transmitter allows the transmission of data to the wrist computer which recalculates remaining air time based on current air consumption. Allowing the diver to closely monitor remaining bottom time.

The Transmitter can be used in Air, Nitrox and Gauge modes.

The Suunto pressure Transmitter is 300 bar compatible and has user replaceable batteries.

Purchased for my twin cylinder, technical diving setup. It's connected to the right side XTX200 regulator first stage.
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