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Dive Equipment - OMS Dual Cylinder Bands

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Dive Equipment - OMS Dual Cylinder Bands
Product: Manufacturer:
OMS Dual Cylinder Bands OMS
Dive Shop: Purchase Date: Price:
The Scuba Doctor, Rye - $165.00
Serial Number: Warranty: Active:
- 1 year Still in service Still in service
Last Service Date: Next Service Date: Next O2 Service: Weight:
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OMS Dual Cylinder Bands
This OMS Dual Cylinder Band Kit (BD2570-K) is offered in 63.5 mm (2.5") width, to accommodate moderate height, 178 mm (7 inch) outside diameter cylinders.

Due to a new inert gas welding technique OMS Dual Cylinder Bands are the strongest in the world! A 3rd party conducted a destructive pull test and the nearest high quality competitors bands failed at 3175 kg (7000 lbs.) pull while OMS cylinder bands withstood 4300 kg (9500 lbs.)!

Additionally if you own painted cylinders you can take comfort in knowing that OMS Dual Cylinder band edges are rolled (edge relieved) to prevent paint gouging and scratching during assembly (most other bands have sharp non rounded edges).

Threaded rods, nuts and washers are supplied with each band kit so that you can use a single or multiple backplates (dedicated bolts do not allow you to do this).
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The Scuba Doctor Dive Shop

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