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Dive Equipment - OMS Silicone Necklace Secondary - Tech

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Dive Equipment - OMS Silicone Necklace Secondary - Tech
Product: Manufacturer:
OMS Silicone Necklace Secondary - Tech OMS
Dive Shop: Purchase Date: Price:
The Scuba Doctor, Rye Sun, 20-Jun-2010 $13.00
Serial Number: Warranty: Active:
- 1 year Still in service Still in service
Last Service Date: Next Service Date: Next O2 Service: Weight:
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OMS Silicone Necklace Secondary - Tech
Secondary: 22.8 cm (9 inch) O.D.

The trouble with most silicone necklaces on the market is that they just don't fit properly over the 2nd stage regulator mouthpiece. Hit the second stage and it drops out of the necklace defeating the whole purpose of the necklace to begin with.

The OMS platinum cured silicone necklace has been engineered with a higher durometer to better hold the regulator mouthpiece and prevent breakage or tear failures.

Colour: Black

Used to hold the secondary second stage on my technical/twin diving regulator setup. Worn around my neck.
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