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Thursday, September 09, 2004

The ah-ha factor 

Most of us initially struggle with difficult problems and learning new skills. But eventually everything magically falls into place, and it's as if everything is crystal clear and easy to do. I've always referred to it as getting to the "ah-ha" moment.

Can you remember when you first started learning to ride a bicycle? Do you remember how you kept falling down? Do you remember how hard it seemed to balance?

Then suddenly one day everything just fell in place. You cycled around for hours and didn't fall off the bike once.

Which is weird isn't it?

I mean, one day you're struggling and the next day you're zooming away like a pro. And the same principle applies to many other aspects of your personal and business life. One day you're struggling in the mud and the next day you're skimming over the waves.

Well I recently learned that the Japanese have a term for my "ah-ha" moment. It's called Satori (Sa-to-ree) or a state of sudden spiritual enlightenment or awareness.

Even though you may not realise it, many things are really spiritual. You set out to change someone's life. You set out to reduce someone's pain. And that someone may be a family member, a friend, or a business client. When the moment of Satori comes, it's instant. You won't see the steps. It will be like bike riding. One moment you won't understand a thing about what the heck you're doing, and the next moment you will.

Keep at what you're doing. You too will get your moment. And then these sets of paragraphs will make perfect sense to you.

Satori is not as far away as you think.


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