W H A T   A R E   S M I L I E S ?

'Smilies', or emoticons, are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smiley concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not get smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

Here's the list of currently accepted smilies:

What to Type Graphic That Will Appear Emotion
:-) :-) smile
:-( :-( frown
;-) ;-) wink
:o :o embarrassment
:D :D big grin
:p :p razz (stick out tongue)
:cool: :cool: cool
:rolleyes: :rolleyes: roll eyes (sarcastic)
:mad: :mad: #@*%!
:eek: :eek: eek!
:confused: :confused: confused
:alarm :alarm alarm
:alien :alien alien
:alien2 :alien2 alien2
:barf :barf barf
:bawling :bawling bawling
:biggrin :biggrin big grin
:birthday :birthday happy birthday
:bounce :bounce bounce
:bubble :bubble bubble
:bull :bull bull
:burnout :burnout burnout
:cat :cat cat
:censored :censored censored
:cheers :cheers cheers
:clown :clown clown
:cold :cold cold
:confused :confused confused
:cool :cool cool
:cowboy :cowboy cowboy
:crying :crying crying
:dance :dance dance
:dance1 :dance1 dance1
:devil :devil devil
:dodgy :dodgy dodgy
:dunce :dunce dunce
:eek :eek eek
:flame :flame flame
:flaming :flaming flaming
:flash :flash flash
:flower :flower flower
:frage :frage frage
:frosty :frosty frosty
:frown :frown frown
:girl :girl girl
:goodbad :goodbad good bad
:heart :heart heart
:hippie :hippie hippie
:idea :idea idea
:joker :joker joker
:karate :karate karate
:kiss :kiss kiss
:knight :knight knight
:koolaid :koolaid koolaid
:lol :lol lol
:looney :looney looney
:love :love love
:love2 :love2 love2
:mad :mad mad
:nighty :nighty nighty
:no :no no
:party :party party
:private :private private
:pumpkin :pumpkin pumpkin
:rainbow :rainbow rainbow
:rasta :rasta rasta
:redface :redface red face
:rolleyes :rolleyes roll eyes
:rosie :rosie rosie
:rwb :rwb rwb
:shudder :shudder shudder
:sick :sick sick
:sleeping :sleeping sleeping
:sleepy :sleepy sleepy
:smash :smash smash
:smile :smile smaile
:spam :spam spam
:splat :splat splat
:tasty :tasty tasty
:tomato :tomato tomato
:tongue :tongue tongue
:tut :tut tut
:type :type type
:vampire :vampire vampire
:wah :wah wah
:wavey :wavey wavey
:whip :whip whip
:whoa :whoa whoa
:wink :wink wink
:xmas :xmas xmas
:virgo :virgo virgo
:taurus :taurus taurus
:scorpio :scorpio scorpio
:sagittarius :sagittarius sagittarius
:pisces :pisces pisces
:libra :libra libra
:leo :leo leo
:gemini :gemini gemini
:capricorn :capricorn capricorn
:cancer :cancer cancer
:aries :aries aries
:aquarius :aquarius aquarius
:surfing :surfing surfing
:skateboard :skateboard skateboard
:parachute :parachute parachute
:fishing :fishing fishing
:dice :dice dice
:bullseye :bullseye bullseye
:toast :toast toast
:yellowrose :yellowrose yellow rose
:world :world world
:usaribbon :usaribbon USA ribbon
:trophy :trophy trophy
:tombstone :tombstone tombstone
:sun :sun sun
:star :star star
:redrose :redrose red rose
:pinkrose :pinkrose pink rose
:people :people people
:moped :moped moped
:moon :moon moon
:yinyang :yinyang yin yang
:xyes :xyes x yes
:xno :xno x no
:warning :warning warning
:tragedy :tragedy tragedy
:thumbsup :thumbsup thumbs up
:thumbsdown :thumbsdown thumbs down
:stop :stop stop
:search :search search
:sayhuh :sayhuh sah huh bubble
:redlight :redlight red light
:questbubble :questbubble question bubble
:poll :poll poll
:nuclear :nuclear nuclear
:noentry :noentry no entry
:myhome :myhome my home
:man :man man
:male :male male
:link :link link
:info :info info bubble
:guest :guest guest
:greenlight :greenlight green light
:female :female female
:death :death death
:crossfingers :crossfingers cross fingers
:comedy :comedy comedy
:chat :chat chat bubble
:attention :attention attention
:trash :trash trash
:telephone :telephone telephone
:online :online online
:message :message message
:garbage :garbage garbage
:earth :earth earth
:dvd :dvd DVD
:cd :cd CD
:bigx :bigx big X
:bigwebhome :bigwebhome big web home
:bigvote :bigvote big vote
:bigusflag :bigusflag big USA flag
:bigsun :bigsun big sun
:bigstop :bigstop big stop
:bigweb :bigweb big web
:bigshoppingcart :bigshoppingcart big shopping cart
:bigrose :bigrose big rose
:bigrocket :bigrocket bigrocket
:bignote :bignote bignote
:bigmale :bigmale big male
:biglightbulb :biglightbulb big light bulb
:bigkey :bigkey big key
:bighouse :bighouse big house
:bigheart :bigheart bigheart
:biggreenthumb :biggreenthumb big green thumb
:bigfemale :bigfemale big female
:bigfaq :bigfaq big FAQ
:bigeye :bigeye big eye
:bigesc :bigesc big Esc
:bigdice :bigdice big dice
:bigcheck :bigcheck big check
:bigchat :bigchat big chat
:bigalert :bigalert big alert
:wave2 :wave2 wave 2
:wave1 :wave1 wave 1
:user :user user
:tag2 :tag2 tag 2
:tag :tag tag
:squeeze :squeeze squeeze
:slick :slick slick
:propeller :propeller propeller
:obsessed :obsessed obsessed
:ninja :ninja ninga
:masked :masked masked
:madman :madman mad man
:headbanger :headbanger head banger
:headbang :headbang head bang
:goodwitch :goodwitch good witch
:genie :genie genie
:fuming :fuming fuming
:drillsergeant :drillsergeant drill sergeant
:detective :detective detective
:bouncer :bouncer bouncer
:angel :angel angel
:pirate :pirate pirate
:yo :yo yo
:yes :yes yes
:yeah :yeah yeah
:wow :wow wow
:ugh :ugh ugh
:thanks :thanks thanks
:tagspeech :tagspeech tag speech
:tagme :tagme tag me
:rockroll :rockroll rock n roll
:question :question question
:owned :owned owned
:oops :oops oops
:ok :ok OK
:oh :oh oh
:kidding :kidding just kidding
:huh :huh huh
:hi :hi hi
:help :help help
:exclaim :exclaim exclaim
:duh :duh duh
:bye :bye bye
:arg :arg arg
:valentine :valentine valentine
:lovestruck :lovestruck love struck
:kissing :kissing kissing
:iloveusign :iloveusign I love you
:hug :hug hug
:hearts :hearts hearts
:happylove :happylove happy love
:grouphug :grouphug group hug
:flirt :flirt flirt
:couple :couple couple
:brokenheart :brokenheart broken heart
:affection :affection affection
:wave :wave wave
:sosad :sosad so sad
:soapbox :soapbox soap box
:scared :scared scared
:relieved :relieved relieved
:ouch :ouch ouch
:mischievous :mischievous mischievous
:liar :liar liar
:innocent :innocent innocent
:ill :ill ill
:idea :idea idea
:highfive :highfive high five
:goodvibes :goodvibes good vibes
:boat :boat boat
:4_wink :4_wink wink
:23_sing :23_sing sing
:18_crazy :18_crazy crazy
:10_confused :10_confused confused
:5_sad :5_sad sad
:16_angry :16_angry angry
:15_weeping :15_weeping weeping
:7_mad :7_mad mad
:21_irked :21_irked irked
:wizard :wizard wizard
:meditate :meditate meditate
:29_zzz :29_zzz zzz
:24_shocked :24_shocked shocked
:9_cool :9_cool cool
:8_grim :8_grim grim
:28_spin :28_spin spin
:27_laughing :27_laughing laughing
:25_coolguy :25_coolguy coolguy
:17_wink :17_wink wink
:13_grin :13_grin grin
:11_confused :11_confused confused
:30_angel :30_angel angel
:) :) smile
:26_crying :26_crying crying
:20_grumpy :20_grumpy grumpy
:01_grin :01_grin grin
:19_indifferent :19_indifferent indifferent