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Insight Introduction

Sometimes we need to speak. Not to talk to any one in particular, but just a need for expression. And this is my space... My opinions, my random thoughts, and general statements. Not meant to harm, or to hurt, but just to be heard.

In September 2003, I started to occasionally comment on things that came to mind, or things I came across whilst living life. The result is Lloyd Borrett's Blog. Check it out for yourself.

In June 2004, I moved this web site to a different hosting company. With the move came access to a wide variety of new services, which enabled me to establish phpBB based forums. If you want news about this web site, want to leave me some feedback, discuss Petals Around the Rose with others, or just generally share with others online, please check out the forums.

The Journal Becomes a Blog

As I established the year 2000 version of my web site, I thought would try something a bit different an online journal.

Well the way I implemented the concept was way too complicated to maintain and as a result the journal just didn't happen. Since then the weblog concept has taken off and many ways to easily implement them have become available. So in September 2003, I decided to try again using Blogger.

Lloyd Borrett's Blog is a place to put some random thoughts and ideas. Maybe it will grow into something much more.

Maybe it will be a place where I can speak my mind. To share experiences, feelings, perceptions, a nice thought... to share myself openly to the unknown reader. Maybe a few of you will touch me in return in your own ways. And that in itself would be priceless.

No doubt I'll be questioned as to why I would do this. Why would I open myself up to "the world?" Maybe this journal will prove to be senseless.

But maybe it will become something that I look to for memories. Something that I will look to for inspiration. Maybe the words in themselves will become a form of creativity outlet for me.

Sometimes there is a purpose... sometimes there isn't one that is obvious, but later the purpose reveals itself in other ways.

We always hope that when we die, we will leave this huge imprint on the world. I write in this journal so that perhaps I can share something, and maybe touch someone. If I say something to a stranger and he/she later recalls it... then I have touched that person. If I can show someone something... then I have touched them. And in touching them... whether in thought or action... I have left my mark on the world.

But most of all, I have lived... I have loved life.

Best regards, Lloyd Borrett.

Last modified: Wednesday, 16 January 2008


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