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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Reading blogs 

I find that many people don't grasp how blogs get read. I personally use an RSS reader called Awasu (www.awasu.com). I find however that after I explain the concept of a blog, the person I am talking with is already a bit overwhelmed. Needless to say also explaining RSS really can loose some people. What are other people running into? Do you have a favorite RSS reader? Do you tell your associates about it? Are your associates jumping on the blogging wagon?


Anonymous Firefly said...

My personal favorite RSS feed reader so far is SharpReader (http://www.sharpreader.net/). It's simple and efficient. I took a look at Awasu and even downloaded it and tried it out, but it had too many bells and whistles for me. I think it would confuse most people who are new to the whole concept of blogging and RSS feeds.

I love RSS feeds, though. It makes it easy to have all of your favorite blogs, news and even Yahoo! Group messages delivered to one spot. Having it pop up a notice from your system tray when something new is posted, is great.

I think it is odd that when you are online, it seems like everyone in the known universe has a blog. But, if you ask the average person they don't understand anything about it. People I talk to are often puzzled by the whole concept of blogging. I try to explain that it is like having an online journal, but I guess not everyone cares to have an offline journal let alone an online one.

- - - - - 26 February, 2005 18:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not really into RSS, but I use Thunderbird as a RSS reader. I check the sites while I'm checking my email. I'ts pretty easy.

- - - - - 08 March, 2005 14:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

doing the sharp thing myself

- - - - - 14 May, 2005 17:10  

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