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From time to time articles about my work activities have made it into the media. Here you can access some of those articles from the past. Please enjoy...

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Steep growth @ Monash.NET
by Stan Beer, The Age, Next, 1st July 2003

Suburbs have what IT takes
Melbourne Express, 29th May 2001

Reveille sounds for conscripts at IT boot camp
by Jenny Sinclair, The Age, Monday 17th May 1999

Developer Says NT is a Gas for BP
by Glenn Mulcaster, The Age, Tuesday 12th August 1997

Board Wants Uploader Charged
by Kester Cranswick, PC Computing, November 1989

On-line Access to Support
by Kester Cranswick, PC Computing, 19th June 1989

First with the Latest
by Graeme Kemlo, Today's Computers, April 1985

How BHP Avoided the Pitfalls of Micros
by Graeme Kemlo, Today's Computers, April 1985

by David Koch, Today's Computers, April 1985

BHP Bypasses Dealers for PCs
by Peter Young, Computerworld Australia, Friday 25th May 1984

Computer 'Life-Saver'
BHP Review, April 1978

Please take a look at some of the marketing materials I have produced. You can also read some of the articles I've written on various computing topics over the years.

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